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It's time to Duel!

IQ Games Centre is proud to announce we're hosting another
Yu-Gi-Oh World Championship Qualifier Regional event on Saturday 18th of May, and this time we're pulling out all the stops!

Time: Registration 10.00 - 10:59
1st Round starts: 11am

We're offering a huge prize pool for the top players, for first place a Nintendo Switch & Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Not to mention 9 booster boxes of Dark Neostorm among the top 8, guaranteed!

There will be boosters galore, deck boxes and play mats too so make sure you bring your best and come on down to play for these amazing prizes.
All players who enter will receive 5 booster packs for playing as well as the following:

1st: Nintendo Switch + Super Smash Bros + Play mat + Deck Box
2nd: 2 Booster boxes of Dark Neostorm + Play mat + Deck Box
3rd: 1 Booster Box +12 boosters of Dark Neostorm + Play mat + Deck Box
4th: 1 Booster Box +12 boosters of Dark Neostorm + Play mat + Deck Box
5th to 8th: 1 Booster Box of Dark Neostorm + Play mat
9-16 - 3 boosters of Dark Neostorm
17-24 - 2 boosters of Dark Neostorm
25-33 - 1 booster of Dark Neostorm

There may be additional boosters added to the prize pool based on the number of players who enter, so the more players who enter the bigger the prize pool!

So build your best decks, prepare your side cards and ready your hand traps - come and show everyone your the king of games!

Format: Constructed Advanced
Number of Rounds based on Players :
4 – 8 (3 Rounds of Swiss)
9 – 16 (4 Rounds of Swiss)
17 – 32 (5 Rounds of Swiss)
33 – 64 (6 Rounds of Swiss)
65 – 128 (7 Rounds of Swiss)
129 – 256 (8 Rounds of Swiss)

----This will be a swiss tournament only event!----

There will be no top cut and all positions for qualification prizes to the European Championship will come from the Final Swiss Standings.

If you have any questions or to Pre-register please email us at: