Omni Wits

Omni Wits


Omni Wits is a patent-pending, simple yet fast-paced geometrical and colour 'match and memory' game for 2 players! Do you have the wits to make a champion?

Omni GENEius brings you Omni Wits; a faced paced, exciting and rewarding game where players compete against one another in a test of speed, memory, recognition, shapes, puzzles and colours. It will help young ones learn to handle pressure, stay calm and remain focused in their early years at school and timed tests. Omni Wits is a social game promoting face-to-face gaming which anyone of any age can quickly get hooked on. As well as encouraging many mental skills such as pairing, matching, memory and hand-to-eye coordination, this game helps younger generations to expand their IQ.

10 × 10 × 2.5 in
1089 g

Two players compete against each other to find specific shape and colour combinations from an assortment of geometrical shapes before their opponent can and so add them to their collection of Witty Stars. The player with the most reward stars at the end wins the game! Playing the game promotes geometrical concepts, motivation, focus, ranking, a winning attitude and a sense of achievement. Omni Wits also improves memory and association, aids shape and colour recognition and encourages players to stay calm and focused in the heat of the moment, making this a social game that anyone of any age can quickly get hooked on!