City Of Zombies


It takes brains to survive!

Select your heroes, team up and fight for your lives against the advancing zombie horde. Roll dice and work out the best combination to take out as many zombies as possible.

Unlock dice ;power ups' to defeat zombie bosses and clear the board to get bonus survivor cards. But, beware!....the zombies are after your brains, and if the barricade gets overrun, it's game over...

6.3 × 26.7 × 33.8 cm
1147 g
Curriculum Topic:
IG Reference: IG338
Product Contains:
  • Zombie Cards Set 1
  • Zombie Cards Set 2 - 'Walker Zombies'
  • Heroes Cards Set 1
  • Heroes Cards Set 2
  • Turn Marker
  • Event Cards
  • Survivor Cards
  • Conclusion Cards
  • Combat Dice
  • Game Board
  • Game Rules

City of Zombies is a co-operative, dice-based intense team survival game. Players combine dice to target and remove zombies from an ever-advancing horde before their barricade is overrun. The game is suitable for all ages and abilities, and can be played in as little as 15 minutes (in the shorter version). The key game mechanics involve manipulating the numbers rolled on the dice via combinations of mathematical functions (from basic addition and subtraction through to squaring and cube rooting) to hit the exact numbers on the encroaching zombie cards - you need a precise hit to take them out! As a co-operative game, the difficulty can be tailored to suit the skills of the players, and supports groups of mixed abilities well.Originally developed to assist the designer's daughter with her maths, the game has fantastic learning potential for players. It offers number manipulation skills by stealth rather than in a more traditional overtly "educational" game setting. What was designed with educational intent has become a great game for gamers and their families, and suits more experienced groups as a good warm-up or end of night filler.