Heroes of Normandie Pegasus Bridge

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You must have the Heroes of Normandie base game to use this Scenario Pack.
It is recommended that you have the Commonwealth Army Box, as well.

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2.3 kg
Product Contains:
  • Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry (6th Airborne Div. 6th airlanding brigade 2nd Battalion) and its recruitment options
  • Sommerset Light Infantry (6th Airborne Div. 5th parachute brigade 7th Parachute Battalion) and its recruitment options
  • 22nd independent parachute company
  • Field Command (Lt. Colonel Michael W. Roberts)
  • 2 heroes (William Sutton and John Hollinton Grayburn)
  • New vehicles, equipment, character traits and orders for your paratroopers
  • Sherman, Cromwell MK4, 6 Pounder AT gun and 75mm Pack Howitzer
  • Flares and sentinel for the Germans
  • Trenches
  • The cafe Gondree
  • 6 terrain tiles, including Pegasus Bridge and Horsa Bridge
  • Rules for night combats, drops, slidding units, Gliders...
  • 6 scenarios campaign

If any bridge could be emblematic of the paratrooper drops of June 6, it would be Pegasus Bridge. With the 6-scenario campaign in this Scenario Pack, relive this formidable ariborne operation, and command your Red Devils to take this crucially important objective.