Arkham Horror


Can be played as a 1 player game

Arkham Horror is a cthulhu based boardgame set in the year 1926. This classic lovecraftian adventure game returns in a new edition after almost 20 years.

29.8 × 7.6 × 29.8 cm
3.3 kg
Product Contains:

Contains:1 Game board, 1 Rule book, 16 Investigator sheets, 16 Investigator markers, 16 Plastic Investigator Stands,5 dice, 196 Investigator Status Tokens, 189 Investigator cards, 20 Doom Tokens, 8 Ancient One Sheets, 180 Ancient One Cards, 60 Monster Markers, 16 Gate Markers, 14 Miscellaneous Markers


The year is 1926, and it is the height of the Roaring Twenties.

Flappers dance till dawn in smoke-filled speakeasies drinking alcohol supplied by rum runners and the mob. It's a celebration to end all celebrations in the aftermath of the war to end all wars.

Yet a dark shadow grows in the city of Arkham. Alien entities known as Ancient Ones lurk in the emptiness beyond space and time, writhing at the gates between worlds. These gates have begun to open and must be closed before the Ancient Ones make our world their ruined domination.

Only a handful of investigators stand against the Arkham Horror. Will they Prevail?

Arkham Horror is a cooperative board game set in the horrifying but intriguing world of H.P.Lovecraft. Players take on the roles of investigators who have the brave the perils of the city of Arkham to close the gates and stop the Ancient Ones before it is too late. To make things worse it isn't just the Ancient Ones you have to deal with - out of the chaos come more monsters that have been lingering in the shadows for the right time and you have to clear the streets of them as well. Keep your sanity and health and you may be lucky enough to make it through before all the gates open and all is lost. Only you can make a difference.