Open House - Guild of Ravnica - Magic the Gathering

Date and time: 
Saturday, September 22, 2018 - 12:00

On Saturday, September 22nd, IQ Games invites players of all levels to come together to learn and play Magic and look ahead to the next exciting release - Guilds of Ravnica.

If you are new to the game this is a perfect time to take part! We will be introducing new players to the game and welcoming you all into the amazing Magic community with learn-to-play sessions. For this, we have custom made Welcome Decks that will be perfect for anyone to pick up and get a grasp of the game and provide a base of cards to build upon. 

On hand we will have veteran players helping to teach the game, provide advice from their experience of being a new player and explain some great fundamentals that will help their progression into the game. 

Once you've got used to the game, there will be a very casual constructed standard event using the welcome decks for players to experience how events work, either watching or participating and putting some of the skills/ lessons they have learned from earlier in the day to the test. A perfect time to play some games and ask questions! Players new & old will always find little interactions and nuances while playing and this is the best time to gain some knowledge!

We will be offering help and assistance to players throughout the day, but we've put a list together of the more frequently asked questions that we'll be covering with new players: 

  • Where is the best place to start Magic: the Gathering?
  • What is Standard and the differences between formats, including rotation and currently legal sets?
  • What is Prerelease and how does it work? 
  • What is booster draft and how does it work? 

These are some of the points that will be covered but we will also be on hand to help with any/ all questions players may have.

So, if you've ever wanted to learn to play Magic or have been playing a while and are ready to make the next step into the Magic multiverse, then be sure to head down to the Guilds of Ravnica Open House at IQ Games Centre!

Have even more questions? Don't hesitate to contact us before hand by emailing us at: or on the day in person!

We look forward to teaching you the game!