IQ Games Centre Yu-Gi-Oh WCQ Regional Event 2019

Date and time: 
Saturday, March 2, 2019 - 11:00

It's time to Duel!

IQ Games Centre is proud to announce we're hosting another Yu-Gi-Oh World Championship Qualifier Regional event on Saturday 3rd March, the entry point for the Yu-Gi-Oh World Championship!

So build your best decks, prepare your side cards and ready your hand traps - come and show everyone your the king of games!

Entry: £15
Time: Registration 10.00 - 10:59
1st Round starts: 11am
Place: IQ Games Centre, 23 Byram Street, Huddersfield, HD1 1DR

To register your place for the event please email us with your name and COSSY ID. The email is

Prize Support:
The top players will earn an invitation to the 2019 WCQ: European Championship, the more players who enter, the more invitations up for grabs!

The Top 8 players will receive unique Play mats, the Top 4 will also receive Deck Box's and all players will receive 3 booster packs just for entering.

3 boosters will also be added to the prize pool for each player who enters, so the more players who enter the bigger the prize pool!

Format: Constructed Advanced
Number of Rounds:

This will vary dependent on the number of players:

Number of Players (Rounds)
4 – 8 (3 Rounds of Swiss)
9 – 16 (4 Rounds of Swiss)
17 – 32 (5 Rounds of Swiss)
33 – 64 (6 Rounds of Swiss)
65 – 128 (7 Rounds of Swiss)
129 – 256 (8 Rounds of Swiss)

----This will be a swiss tournament only event!----

There will be no top cut and all positions for qualification prizes to the European Championship will come from the Final Swiss Standings.

Side events:
For those that have dropped from the event or didn't want to enter we will be running win a box events through out the day.
This will run when we have 8 players ready to play!

Win a Box Side: £10 entry

WIn a Box of Your choice!

8 players minimum to run, £10 entry
1st Place: A box of boosters (24)
2nd place: 5 boosters