Yu-Gi-Oh LINK/Code of the Duelist

By Emily_Quinn, 2017-07-23 21:32
The dawn of a new Yu Gi Oh series always heralds a new mechanic, 5D's brought us Synchro summing, Zexal introduced the XYZ summon and Arc V added the Pendulum summon. VRAINS (the new series) is no different with the new Link summon, a new form of card to play from the extra deck. The big shift this time is the new rule set that accompanies this new summon with sweeping changes to the extra deck and how you use it.
The new starter deck Link strike is a great introduction to the game and a good way for players to get started in Yu Gi Oh. With a selection of the new Link monsters and some powerful generic support cards, the starter deck is a great way for a new player to start their collection or veterans the chance to try out this new monster mechanic.
Also this month the next main set for Yu Gi Oh, Code of the duelist will be having its sneak peek at the end of the month and with it the first wave of support for Link summoning. The set itself adds loads of new archetypes for player to try out from the direct damaging Trickser faries, the powerful wrestlers the Gouki, the mystic Link summoning World Chalice monsters and the arrival of the fallen Lightsworn, the twilightsworn.
Code of the duelist looks to add a whole mass of support for decks old and new and lot's of generic support cards players can use to improve their decks!
Link Strike is out now and make sure you catch the Sneak peek event for Code of the Duelist on 29th and 30th of July.
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