Who are Entropic Games?

By Emily_Quinn, 2017-08-07 11:25

As Oligarchy is our fantastic Game of the Month for August, we thought it'd be a good chance to get to know the creators of the game, Entropic Games!

So...who are they and where did the idea for Oligarchy come from? Read on...

'Mark Twain said “There is no such thing as a new idea. It is impossible. We simply take a lot of old ideas and put them into a sort of mental kaleidoscope." This thought has always bugged us as we had grand designs on what we could accomplish. Over time and many game revisions the inevitability of that statement made us realise that effort should be spent embracing this notion rather than fighting against it.

So what should we do? It's all been done before, right? Wrong.

The idea for Oligarchy came from a need for reality based gaming. No Orcs and dragons battling it out in a far distant realm, no myths and gods made manifest. Just a horrible struggle to survive in the real world. Instead of summoning elves and fighting zombies, in this game you deploy accountants, soldiers, squatters or even priests to do your bidding. You can become diseased, blow up an enemy, steal loads of cash, or play the stock market. The world we live in is crazy enough, so we tapped into that (remembering the wise words of our friend Mark Twain) and offered a grim and often hilarious look at what a grab for power would be like in a dystopian future.

We come from a standpoint of human psychology to ensure player's can relate to the situations they create or suffer through to try and win. The game is set in the near future so it allows us some artistic licence with the cards we offer players, but essentially this is the same world we live in today, fractured and desperate.

Most importantly there is a lot of choice. With 8 factions to ally yourself to and 7 different types of card, you can be sure of deadly combos and unique grabs for power in every game. Players who have had the privilege of playing Oligarchy at trade shows and store demos all say the same thing. It was the narrative that made them want to play again and again. The unique situations that can invoke memories of player's own lives or just act as wish fulfilment when laying the smack down on their opponents. You know the kind of thing, setting them on fire, stealing their money, murdering their staff in a back alley, or simply giving them a terminal disease.

This game has been designed for you to have fun, and we know you will...'

Testimonials - What are people saying about Oligarchy?

"It's Likely you think that the future will be full of flying cars , robot maids and jet packs. Sadly, it looks like the future is a place of shady megacorporations, terryfying illnesses, gangs and struggles for power...of course there's more to Oligarchy and hopefully you'll check out the game yourselves." - Tabletop Gaming Magazine https://www.tabletopgaming.co.uk/

"A perfect game for those that enjoy the sweet pang of desperation, as you earnestly muster your finest defence in the face of bitter odds and dwindling capabilities. Lots of lovely flavour in the factions with plenty of capacity for clever deck development." - Tom Norfolk - Stak Bots. http://www.dogearedgames.com.

"A very solid game... Because it's set in a version of the real world, with each masterful stroke you play and each back you stab, you can't help but imagine how your actions would really play out." - Board Game Geek.

“Oligarchy has a lot of depth to it. It’s immediately engaging and has brought back our enthusiasm for collectable card games!” - Critical Twits.

"Having been at shows alongside Oligarchy, I have seen first-hand how it connects with players. Oligarchy tables are always full and the people around them always leave happy." - Lords of War / Black Box Games.

Oligarchy is available to purchase here, as well as booster packs and boxes!