Oligarchy - Game of the Month August 2017

By Emily_Quinn, 2017-07-26 14:28

The year is 2018. Our world is broken. The masses are kept in line by unseen individuals that vie for dominance. Figureheads have carved their own power base out of the world's developing technologies and ideologies by manipulating the populace and creating a series of Oligarchies. This world can't be saved, only controlled.

Corporations have openly merged with governments and media organisations to suppress us. Education is replaced with information that can be manipulated, bought and sold. Economics and fiscal matters are controlled to keep the population enslaved in a cycle of work and compliance through fear.

Ecologists and those of religious faith have gained power as the poulace crave freedom from the opression. Supporters rally to worship deities and Mother Earth in the hopes that strength in numbers and firm belief in the power of good can change the future. They wish to punish the heretical activities of governments and corporations. As always, even this power breeds corruption beneath the surface.

You are a powerful Oligarch who has struggled your entire life to carve out a piece of this dystopian future. Your power has grown to a level where you have heads of corporations, military leaders and shadowy agents at your disposal. Those you can't control with power, you buy with your amassed wealth and influence. You are the leader of your own Oligarchy.

Others are attempting to stand in your way. You feel your power slipping as they draw their plans against you. It's clear then...they must be crushed if you are to have the supreme Oligarchy. Let the games begin!

Oligarchy is played with a minimum of 2 players. Each player's objective is to reduce their opposition from 12 points of Power base to 0. This is achieved by generating Affluence (representing your wealth), and Influence (representing your persuasion/control). These are used to play the cards you have constructed to make your deck known as your 'Life Pile'.

Each player will construct their own 'Life Pile' so they may face their opposition. Your Power base is always under assault and you need to use your cunning and strategy to stay strong as your power starts to fade. You must emerge with the dominant Oligarchy to win the game.

What type of power will you wield to ensure victory? The Oligarchy core game contains 4 pre-constructed Life Piles so you can get straight into the action. This will ease you into the different factions and showcase how those cards can counter eachother. If you are a gifted Oligarch you may want to get straight to the fun of making your own card combos.