Hey, That's my Fish

By Dan Vasile, 2014-12-09 16:48

You’re hungry, so much so your stomach keeps grumbling about it it’s lucky then that there are so many fish around the place. However you are not alone there are plenty of other penguins around that are as hungry as you. Destroy the ice flow and take the fish for yourself!

Hey! That’s My Fish is a game produced by Fantasy Flight Games you can find their website here: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/


What’s it all about?

In Hey! That’s My Fish the goal is to get more fish than anyone else. To do this you maneuver your penguins around the board in straight lines taking away the first piece you move from (these are the fish that you get to keep). You can move as far as you want and as the game progresses the board begins to shrink as more and more pieces are taken away. Plan your moves carefully and you could cut penguins off leaving you with more fish, but be careful they don’t do that to you first!

The number of penguins each player has varies depending on how many players there are but the more penguins you have the more chance there is of one being cut off and floating away. Unlike other boardgames this does not come with a board but instead lots of pieces that you put together as a board at the beginning of each game. This means that each game can be totally different as the layout of the fish won’t ever likely be the same.


Players: 2-4 players
Time: 20 minutes
RRP: £9.99
On it’s spotlight days the game costs: £4.99
For the rest of the 12 Days of Gaming the game will cost: £8.49


What we liked!

We loved how simple this game was to pick up and play. The rules are easy to learn and the game is fast paced and never the same. Although it is great for all the family when played with people who love strategy this becomes an extremely strategic game and one that can really draw you in. The penguins have the best poses and well who doesn’t love a game involving penguins?


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