Doomtown Reloaded Spoiler Number Two - Ghost Town

By Heidi, 2016-02-24 21:02
Doomtown Reloaded Spoiler - Ghost Town

So here it is the second of our spoilers for the next Doomtown Reloaded Pine Box Ghost Town.

This entry has been written by Andy so without further ado I'll pass you all over to him and the card!


Hi folks, the team over at IQ Games has asked me to write a bit of a piece on a new card that’s coming out in Pine Box 3. Now if all you care about is the card, just mosey on down the page until you see a picture of a death dealing piece of Mad Science.

One of the issues I am sure most of us would agree on, that Mad Science has is lack of tempo. If you are booting your dudes to make the gadgets, then they tend to be mugged, brutalised by a kidnapping or otherwise destroyed as they can’t keep up with the pace of aggro decks or spell decks.

The Auto-Gatling is a shift in the play-style of gadgets. This one card has multiple uses, but the first that has to sprint to mind is un-removable stud bonus on your home or vital deed (such as Testing Range). Getting this card out fast will really help defend your scientists as they invent the gadgets that can then cause havoc to our favourite town!

If you want a really fun combo, you can drop some Mad Science into an Eagles Wardens deck and have totems and turrets, or how about walking your scientists across the street and attaching this to your opponents deeds!

It’s a low value, low difficulty gadget, so fits in well with currency presses and the like and will hopefully give you the breathing room you need to bring science to the unenlightened, and if not they can be introduced to the smokin’ end of the gun.


Let us know what you think of this card!

Thanks to Andy for writing about the card, dB0 and Alderac Entertainment for getting us the spoiler.

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