Doomtown Reloaded Spoiler - A Grand Entrance

By Heidi, 2016-06-09 12:02
A Grand Entrance Spoiler



Well the Eurpoean Marshal has come and gone (watch out for a write up about the event coming soon), so as a treat why not lets see a spoiler for the next saddlebag coming out soon!

As usual we've got a guest writer in to talk you through the card and this weeks writer is the new Sheriff of Birmingham Dave H. After a very hard fought weekend he came second in the Marshal event with a 108 shooter (you can find the deck list here:

So without further ado here is Dave!


Looks like something isn’t going to plan for Sloane... The game’s story is exploding into action at the moment, and personally I can’t wait to see what developments come with the next saddlebag. As for the card I’m previewing, in the right deck it can be a nasty one!

The most common method of deck building in the game at present is to focus on three values, and the closer you are to 3x16 the more consistently your draw hands will give you full houses and four-of-a-kinds. While this is great for shootouts, the downside is you’ll often lose lowball in the Gamblin’ phase. Also, the more cards you have in your deck that share the same suit and value, the more likely you are to draw a cheatin’ hand. This is especially the case for lowball hands where you often have no choice over the cards you reveal.

Inner Struggle seems targeted at helping decks with looser draw structures compete with such tightly stacked decks. If your opponent reveals a cheatin’ hand you can play this card to force a random discard from their play hand. If it’s played during a shootout, it also immediately lowers their hand rank by one as it attaches to their home booted. Against an opponent who cheats regularly, multiple copies of this card can stack up over the course of the game to seriously hurt their hand rank in shootouts – four of them in play reduce a full house to a two pair. It’s also a nice cheatin’ resolution to land during lowball, as the discard could seriously mess up your opponent’s plans for that day in addition to lowering their hand rank for all shootouts that turn.

To maximise your chances of keeping this card booted turn after turn, you’re best off building a deck with an unorthodox structure to stay legal. If you’re planning on shooting then you’ll need to employ methods of raising your own hand rank and lowering your opponent’s. Running four of this card and four ‘Putting the Pieces Together’ could serve as a starting point for such a deck. As the Gamblin’ phase is when you have least control over what you draw and you want to stay legal, consider running your deck out of the 108 Worldly Desires home or using cards like The Extra Bet and Henry Moran. As we saw with db0’s deck at the European Marshal event, a loose structure employing such tricks can perform surprisingly well!


A big thank you to Dave, DB0 and of course AEG for the spoilers. And a huge thank you for you all coming and reading this! - What do you think of the card? Is it going to be the perfect fit for that deck you've been trying to build or are you now going to find a way to play around the card?

Let us know what you think!

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