Doomtown Reloaded - Spoiler!

By Heidi, 2015-10-29 11:16
IQ Games Centre


We are very excited over at IQ HQ because we have been given a spoiler for the next set of Doomtown Reloaded by WizzWang (that's not his real name by the way!). You can find more of his work over on his youtube channel here: 

The card is from the newest Saddlebag Expansion: Dirty Deed which will be released mid November so without further ado please welcome WizzWang and the new card!

Serious Sam

Howdy Folks! Whizzwang here with a spoiler for you. Allow me to introduce new Law Dog on the block… Erik Samson.















The Breakdown:

At 6 Value, Samson is safely out of shotgun range from even Sloane. This is a huge boon to Law Dogs as a lot of our power characters are low value (Lucy, Tommy, Phil etc). Combined with his low cost of only 3 Ghost Rock he is an incredible starting dude. 1 Upkeep means you need to pay attention to who you are starting him with, however he’s worth serious consideration in any Law Dog deck.

He’s also our first low cost Blessed dude with influence. While it may only start at 1 his potential to get to 3 influence with the latest Law Dog outfit makes him a BIG threat in town.

With an ability that synergises amazingly well with Abram’s Crusaders he’s bound to be seen in any Law Dog blessed deck. Give him Evanor and and he’s a 6 stud powerhouse!

How about adding in Holy Roller? 6 Stud 3 Influence, cannot be a casualty for 2 rounds of a shootout AND your opponent takes an extra casualty. That’s one badass hard to kill holy beatstick of righteous might right there.

Mystical Melee weapons a bit too expensive for you, hell, just give him a rapier and claim yourself 5 bullets of studliness for a bargain total price of just 4 Ghost Rock. (In your face clowns!!)

Erik Samson is hands down one of the best additions we’ve had as a faction and he’ll definitely be a force to be reckoned with during the next cycle.

A huge thanks to WizzWang and AEG for the preview! 

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