An Afternoon with Chaosium

By Emily_Quinn, 2017-04-24 15:55

The long awaited weekend of Cthulhu based RPG has been and gone, but fun was had all around. Chaosium writers Mike, Matt and Lynne joined us at the IQ Games Centre for an afternoon of Cthulhu based role play.

An Afternoon with Chaosium started at 2pm on Saturday with three tables of keen roleplayers who were eager to get started. Matt, Mike and Lynne gave players a run through of their adventure, then roleplayers had the chance to pick which adventure they wanted to play in. The adventures were mixed; there were two modern day Cthulhu stories (run by Matt and Lynne) and a 1920's version run by Mike. Some of the adventures came out of Doors to Darkness and others were Kickstarter exclusive stories!
We had a prize draw for 'Alone Against the Flames' - a solo based adventure. This was drawn once the event had started and then given out when they had finished. Our very lucky winner of the draw was Scott, who was pretty happy about the outcome and one of many that enjoyed the day:
Awesome event, it's very seldom that you get to sit down with the designers of a game. It was super fun to run through a game with them. A big thank you to IQ for organising the event and for the special doorprize I won. I will look forward to running through the solo adventure!
When the adventures were complete, player's enjoyed a short Q&A session and the Chaosium team very kindly signed various books and pieces - happy customers all around!
Here's some more fantastic feedback we received from the day from the Players and the Chaosium team:
Jonanthan - "Super fun session of Call of Cthulhu @IQGamesCentre. Matt Sanderson was an amazing GM, running one of the modules he wrote for @Chaosium_Inc!"
Lynne, Chaosium Writer 
"Absolutely wonderful day @IQGamesCentre - excellent players, great venue & we were very well looked after! Great shop, great gamers, and wonderful community engagement. We were very well looked after. (And you know it's going well when you can hear gales of laughter from every table!) Thank you to Heidi and the staff, and to everyone who came along to see us."
Mike, Chaosium Writer
"Great day at IQ Games in Huddersfield yesterday running Call of Cthulhu along with Lynne Hardy and Matthew Sanderson. Thanks to Heidi for organising and making it all go smoothly. Great store and great people."
And of course, the day wouldn't be complete without a Stephen selfie...
Watch this space for more information about our next event!